Sunday, March 6, 2011

[Software] - KeyHoleTV & KeyHoleVideo

  • KeyHoleVideo allows you to broadcast your own TV program to the whole world via the Internet.
  • Have a camera and a microphone? KeyHoleVideo enables you to start a P2P Video Conference with your friends.
  • KeyHoleVideo provides Video Conference capabilities.
  • With KeyHoleVideo you can broadcast your own advertisement together with your video program.

What is KeyHole System.

  • Real Real Time Video P2P and Server based Hybrid Communication System. Free to use.
  • The KeyHoleVideo encoder provides for streaming Video via the Internet with a necessary bandwidth of 200 K bps only.
  • The KeyHoleVideo encoder enables you to stream Video within a range of 100 K bps to 350 K bps bandwidth via the Internet. It is therefore possible to broadcast and view a Video Program via a Cell Phone Modem (GPS etc.)
  • All communication is encrypted. The KeyHoleVideo encoder is a completely new technology to encode motion pictures in its own format instead of MPEG and H264. Easy to use.
kalau rasa2 nak tengok live streaming tv atau radio jepun,boleh download software ni... streaming dia memang laju... cume quality video dia x berapa ok... :)

*banyak tv jepun yang top2 ada kat KeyHoleTV ni ... :)


  1. tak pandai sangat ngan teknologi2 nih..huu

  2. Salam kenal dari Sumanje
    dalam gelap pasang lilin
    salam kenal dari sumanje
    semoga persahabatan dapt dijalin

    tinggalkan jejak kat sini

    thanks so much..


takkan tengok jer?komen la sekali... ok